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At Tropical Exterminating, we undertake the eradication of pests and termites with cutting-edge techniques, which include our trademark liquid defense and control system and an integrated pest management signature system. Our treatments are low cost, very effective and environmentally friendly.

Completely mindful of the fact that every home has its peculiar pests problem, we offer treatments that are tailored to the condition in each home. Our technicians are trained to treat problems that may not be apparent to the homeowner initially. We will get to every crack and crevice in your home.

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Our common foes



Termites are known to primarily feed on wood, thereby destroying our homes. They can also damage valuable books, insulation, shrubs, etc.



Roach populations can explode when left untreated combined with the fact they'll attempt to eat most anything that contains nutritional value.



Ants will tunnel into any wood that suits their purpose, galleries in which they raise their young. The damage may occur indoors or outdoors.



Due to their ability to adapt, survive and thrive, rats are ranked as the second most successful mammalian species living on Earth today - behind us humans.